Create knowledge
graphs together

Our mission

KgBase, or Knowledge Graph Base, is a collaborative, robust database with versioning, analytics & visualizations.

With KgBase, any community or individual can create knowledge graphs to build insights about their data. Import your CSVs and spreadsheets, or use our API to work on data together.

Apply KgBase to

  • - Data Lineage & Science
  • - Research & Knowledge Discovery
  • - Data Governance


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Do you have more questions?

How can I access your data?

Simply create an account to start and access all the public datasets that have been contributed. You can request to modify other datasets or create your own copy. You can also upload your own original dataset.

How much is your data?

KgBase is free to collaborate with unlimited users on public projects and 1 user on private projects. It is $9 per user per month to collaborate with unlimited users on private projects. See more details here.

Who created this website?

KgBase was built by the team at Thinknum, a company that culls alternative data from the web. The Thinknum team originally built KgBase internally to manage their own knowledge graph.