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KgBase is a knowledge graph database with powerful collaboration and versioning capabilities.

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"We used KgBase to identify two promising young companies to track"

Danel Dayan, Battery Ventures

Let your team improve your data. Just like Wikipedia.

When a team member decides to add data, she creates a new version. It'll be private to her, until she's ready to share with the team. Later, the team posts comments and requests changes, until it's ready to go live.

Keep track of each change in your database

KgBase is versioned database, which means it will keep track of every change made to a dataset. In fact, it’s impossible to change anything without creating a history record.

Write powerful scripts with programmatic access to datasets.

Write powerful scripts with programmatic access to datasets.

While the UI lets you make any changes, it’s not enough, when you want to automate your workflows.

KgBase has an advanced API with client libraries in Python, Ruby and JavaScript. Thanks to that, integrating KgBase with your existing data process is completely straightforward.

Public datasets

See what our users are already doing with KgBase. Here are some featured public datasets that you can browse, and, after signing up, contribute to. It’s a great way to see how our UI works with real world examples.

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